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Wind Power

Efficiency is the name of the game.  There are many environmental factors that can effect a windmill’s efficiency.  Whether its bird droppings or bugs, dust and dirt, dew or rain, salt spray, or oxidation of materials, managing the elements and the environment has always been a concern for modern windmills.  Improving blade performance significantly aids in optimizing peak operating performance.  Our Advanced Ceramic Glass Coatings are designed to reduce or eliminate environmental fallout and impede weather degradation.  Extremely hydrophobic, our permanent glass micro-tech coatings offer superior “Non-Stick” and “Easy Release” surface characteristics and provide extremely durable and corrosion resistant properties.  Our coating technology molecularly bonds with the coated surfaces, becoming part of the substrate, allowing wind turbines to maximize their intended design parameters while extending the windmills life.  Ensure the cleanest, debris free, surfaces possible for decades of service and maximize every square inch of potential blade performance.  Warranties available.  

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