daytona 1March 4 marks the 75th anniversary of the world’s largest motorcycle event: Daytona Bike Week. This event has been a tradition since January 24, 1937 - the inaugural running of the Daytona 200. Ed Kretz of Monterey Park, CA was its first winner, riding an American made Indian motorcycle and averaging 73.34 mph.

Today, Bike Week has transformed into a 10-day festival with countless events. With hundreds of thousands of attendants each year, Daytona Bike Week is an event for both locals and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world.

To make sure your bike makes it through the journey and is looking its best, we’ve made a list of essentials to help you get ready for the ride.


  1. Plan out your journey: If you are riding all the way to Daytona, make sure you map out your trip. Flag any stops and sightseeing you want to do along the way on your GPS to make sure your road trip is filled with activities.
  2. Do any maintenance now: Don’t let a worn out motor, bad tires, or finicky parts keep you from reaching Daytona. Always be prepared for the ride ahead by addressing any maintenance issues now, before you leave. This will save you future aggravation, keep Murphy’s Law from sneaking up on you, and most importantly it will keep you and your loved ones safe, ensuring peace of mind and a memorable trip for all the right reasons! As a precaution though, take a tool bag along the way to fix any unforeseeable mechanical failure. Maintenance isn’t just mechanical. Keeping a clean bike is just as important.  This is where TopCoat® by Ducora shines, and so will your ride!  Whether you’re looking to protect it from the elements, reduce the dust, dirt, and road film build up along the way, or just looking for the ultimate shine with the hottest ride, TopCoat® by Ducora is an easy to use polish that enhances, restores, and protects literally every surface on your bike, from paint to chrome, engine to rims, saddle bags to windscreens!  Why take a bag of products on your trip when all you need is one bottle of TopCoat® to do it all?  Not only can TopCoat® by Ducora coat and protect it all, but best of all, once your Bike is coated with TopCoat®, you won’t have to worry about washing it when you get there, just wipe it down again with TopCoat®! 
  3. Lock it up: Remember to bring a lock for your bike, helmet, and other possessions to keep them safe from thieves. With hundreds of thousands of bikers in the area, you’ll want to show off your new gear, not just the keys.
  4. Check the weather: Daytona Beach, Florida can go from sunny and 80 degrees to 60 degrees and pouring rain. Keep your bike looking its best in any weather conditions!   A single application of TopCoat® by Ducora will provide an extremely hydrophobic surface, making water bead and quickly repel from surfaces like your paint job, engine, chrome, leather, and most importantly your windscreen. A TopCoat® treated windscreen provides the ultimate in visibility by dispersing the rain quickly at any speed, in any weather condition, keeping you and those you care for safer.  A hard rain will also make your bike look clean again due to the easy release coating characteristics of TopCoat®!  Don’t forget to bring some microfiber towels for polishing you ride or drying off any surprise rain!
  5. Get Beach Ready: Riding in Daytona means your bike will endure sand, salty ocean air, and salt water. One easy hand application of TopCoat to your motorcycle will help keep it protected from the beach elements, prevent any scratches from sand, and fend off any water- before it dries. If it does dry, water spots on TopCoat® treated surfaces will wipe right off. TopCoat® has you covered!  You may end up parking your bike on the sand so don’t forget a kickstand pad as well.

We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Bike Week!  Make sure to stop by and take a picture of your motorcycle treated with TopCoat® by Ducora, shining in the Florida sun. #ShineSnap  Send us any pics!!!

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