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Ducora Inc.

Ducora, Inc. develops, manufactures, and applies technologically advanced, environmentally friendly,  protective surface coatings and products.  Through innovation and technology our goal is to provide customers and distributors market specific coating solutions with advanced alternative products.


We sell our TopCoat line of products internationally, into various markets from Automotive, Marine, Hospitality, Aeronautical, Motorcycle, Home and Patio, Construction, Decorative Metals, and more.  Our Siloxane technology coatings can be used on any surface, providing great protection, enhanced shine or restoration, as well as an easy release, maintenance free surface.



Ducora manufactures, markets, and distributes high performance coatings and products into the Automotive, RV, and Marine markets. Our coatings are engineered with the latest Siloxane technology while remaining 100% environmentally friendly. Our products are designed to preserve, prolong, and protect virtually any surface while providing a deep lustrous shine. When compared to traditional waxes, polishes, and sealants Ducora's coatings set the standard.


Ducora applies advanced electro-metal coatings within the heavy industrial equipment market. Our hard chrome resurfacing technology services the construction, marine, manufacturing, and petroleum industries. Like our recreational coatings, Ducora's advanced electro-molecular coating sets a new standard in the hard chrome resurfacing market. Through our state of the art electro-molecular coating process, Ducora repairs damaged hard chromed surfaces in hours instead of days or weeks.