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automobile 1

TopCoat - Surface Sealant 

Lustrous and durable layer of protection on ANY automotive surface.

aircraft 1

TopCoat - Surface Sealant 

Reduces Drag and imporves speed on aircraft!

Decorative metal 1

Decorative Metals

Prevent oxidation & corrosion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals!

Ducora’s Coatings are Designed to Out-Last and Out-Perform!

Ducora Manufactures Long-Lasting, Durable Multi-Use, Multi-Purpose, High Performance Coatings and Products.

Motorcycle 1

Protect your Motorcycle from the elements

Keep your ride looking like new with TopCoat.

kitchen 1

Protect your appliances

Easily clean, enhance & protect any surface in the house. From glass to stainless steel.

wind power

Wind Power

Prevent Weather Damage & Optimize Energy Performance!

Easily Maintenance and Keep New Any Surface on Any Vehicle for Miles and Miles!

When Your Vehicle Still Looks Brand New After 10 Years with TopCoat®, without Buffing, Claying, or Using a Multitude of Products, You Know You Made the Right Choice!

rv 1

Great for cross country RV protection

TopCoat shields your RV in all environments.

solar 3

Solar Power

Ensure the cleanest surface, improving, maintaining & optimizing peak energy performance

heavy equip

Tractors, Trucks, Trains, Containers

Permanently seal & protect heavy equipment from all the elements

Enhance, Beautify, and Shield Any Material or Any Surface From the Elements!

Only TopCoat® Treated Surfaces offer Greater Resistance to Staining, Weathering, and Environmental Damage!

watercraft 1

TopCoat is water and UV resistant 

Perfect for protecting your boat on and off the water.

outdoor 1

Paverstones, Wood, Concrete

Coat, beautify & protect your driveway, fences, siding, stonework and more

oil energy 2

Oil and Gas

Prevent Corrosion, Harden Surfaces, & Improve Flow Rate.

Ducora Products are Eco-Friendly Green Products!

Have Peace of Mind Knowing Ducora’s Products are Eco-Friendly for our Waters, Animals, and Us!


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Ducora TopCoat products are your complete solution for maintaining the beauty and finish of all your recreational and industrial needs.

Cars • Trucks • Vans • SUVs • RVs • Airplanes • Motorcycles • Solar Panels • Appliances • Counters • Grills • and so much more!

Let our Eco Friendly line-up of products keep your prized posessions looking like new!