TopCoat® 32 ounces: DTC-32OZ: 32oz/946.35mL

TopCoat High Performance Sealer is the ultimate wax replacement product on the market.  Unlike wax, TopCoat can be used on everything!  Plastic, paint (clearcoat or flat/denim), glass, metal, fabrics, leather, everything!   Not only is TopCoat the best product on the market, it’s the easiest to use!  

Use TopCoat as the ultimate windshield and glass treatment, providing superior visibility and water dispersion!  Use TopCoat on rims to reduce brake dust and prevent pitting!   Use to detail entire engines without heat issues or greasy petroleum residue!  For the ultimate satisfaction, use TopCoat to protect painted surfaces and provide a superior depth of image, unmatched by any other product on the market! 




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Automotive / RV / Motorcycle / Marine / Aeronautical

Ducora's TopCoat® is an environmentally safe, high performance protective coating designed to out-perform and out-last traditional waxes, polishes, and paint sealants in today's environment. TOPCOAT® IS A WAX REPLACEMENT!

TopCoat® is an easy one-step hand application providing a protective and lustrous barrier on all automotive exterior and interior surfaces.

Use TopCoat® on painted surfaces, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, dashboards, and more. Use as windshield, windscreen, eisenglass, and window treatment for lasting water repellency and protection.

Because TopCoat® is silicone free, surfaces are not left artificially or dangerously slick, and does not attract dust, dirt, and debris! 


Key Features:

  • Contains no solvents, toxic chemicals, abrasive compounds, or greasy silicone
  • Environmentally "eco" safe and non-toxic
  • No need to stir or shake
  • No shelf life
  • Treated surfaces are extremely hydrophobic (water resistant)
  • No orbital or mechanical buffing required
  • Retards the damaging effects of contaminants such as bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, brake dust, dirt, grime, scuffs, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy one-step hand spray application
  • Treated surfaces are easy to clean and maintain with only water, another TopCoat® application, or our awesome TopCoat Spritz & DryWash!
  • Long lasting formula saves money
  • Multiple surface protection minimizes use of other costly products
  • No unsightly wax residue left behind
  • No heat issues, perfect for engines!
  • Maximizes depth of color with minimal effort
  • Multiple layer bonding ensuring greater protection and shine!



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TopCoat® 32 ounces: DTC-32OZ: 32oz/946.35mL

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